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Karen Dumas is a communications professional & media contributor committed to excellence, entrepreneurship, and equality. As founder of Images & Ideas, Inc., she has earned a reputation as a communications strategist known for performance and excellence. Dumas also served Chief of Communications & External Affairs for Mayor Dave Bing and the City of Detroit.
Dumas is a regular contributor to The No BS Newshour with Charlie LeDuff.
Respected as a trusted and fair radio host, television contributor and columnist, she is known to be “honest and engaging,” and has been recognized by HOUR Magazine as “the more intelligent choice” of talk-radio show hosts.
She serves on the Board of Directors for the Detroit Zoological Society, as well as on their Communications & Marketing Committee and Governance & Nominating Committee and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of BLAC Magazine. Previously, she has served on the Communications Committee for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, The Board of Directors for SPHINX, the PR committee for the NCAA Final Four/Detroit, as Board Chair for the Arts League of Michigan, and on the Board of Directors and as PR Committee Chair for Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League), among many others. The City of Detroit, State of Michigan, Real Times Media, and several Who’s Who entities have recognized her achievements.
Dumas is a frequent guest speaker at schools, churches and professional organizations seeking insight into performance-based practices, the tools for success, living and treating others with fairness, women’s challenges in the workplace, and balancing professional and personal roles. A frequent event moderator and Mistress of Ceremonies, her professional but entertaining demeanor enhances any event or organized gathering; her presentations are informative and inspirational for all.
She is also a frequent guest contributor for FOX2, and other media outlets.









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Detroit: Now, but not then…

Crain’s Detroit Business Publisher Keith Crain recently opined that the Detroit Regional Chamber should move its annual Mackinac Policy Conference to Detroit. What?!?? It was something I wrote about as a columnist for The Michigan Chronicle several years and a couple of mayoral administrations ago. [...]

Change the conversation

Every year for Black History Month, we dust off the books and stories about what is supposed to be an effort to increase awareness and respect for the contributions of black folks to America. Ideally, knowing that they were not limited to or by slavery [...]

Do this for a happier, more productive life. #MyTop10

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and much needed changes in our lives, homes and communities. While change is hard, success is simpler than we think. Reducing stress, saving time and better interactions with others are all quite doable. Here is my [...]

“Poor” is a mindset, not a condition

I am not one to use the word “poor” when referencing someone’s financial status for reasons I consider pretty simple: being financially challenged—or broke, is temporary. The word “poor” reflects a deeper and embedded state that prevents the infiltration of hope or the pursuit of [...]





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