I was flattered to receive a message asking if I would be willing to drive a 2014 Cadillac CTS, and participate in a survey about my experience. Having been a former but longtime customer of the GM Cadillac (Escalade) brand, I agreed knowing it would at least be nice. I asked if I could publicly share my experience–for better or worse. They agreed.

The car was delivered to my home—clean and with a full tank. At first glance, you can’t help but notice and like the sleek lines in the design and exterior lighting. Entering the interior of the vehicle, one will either be impressed or intimidated by the technology at every turn. And, the attention to detail in the leather, console, doors, etc. didn’t disappoint.

Being height challenged at 5’ 2”, I needed to make sure that the seat, pedals and steering wheel offered enough options for me to be comfortable and still see over the dash; they did. The heated steering wheel was always a favorite on my Escaldes, and I appreciated it here as well, along with the heated and cooled seats.

So, for a week I traded my foreign coupe. The ride was great—smooth, easy to navigate, with comfortable seating, and a roomy back seat and trunk. Safety? Clearly a top priority, with signals and vibrating seats indicating even the slightest appearance of driver distraction; and an in-window display of speed and the indication of vehicles in the perimeter indicating the growing need to keep distracted or fatigued drivers focused and aware.

I loved the detail inside the vehicle, especially the back window shades as well as those for the rear passenger seating. This eliminates those self-installed window shades that drivers stick to windows to block the sun for passengers, especially when transporting children.

It was also great on gas, and garnered plenty of stares and compliments—a Motor City validation of a nice vehicle. If there was one thing that wasn’t as functional for me as it was pretty, it was the radio operations. Being a “button pusher, station flipper” I need to be able to easily navigate from AM to FM to Satellite with minimal ease and eye contact. The touch screen looked great, but wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked.

At the end of the week, I had the car cleaned, refilled the tank and the GM team picked it up. The survey, interestingly, only asked one question: would I recommend this vehicle to a friend. My answer? Yes. For $50k, it was a luxurious deal that I would not only recommend, but may even personally consider.