The news hit hard and fast: Angelo Henderson had died.  I was sitting at my desk trying to make sense of what I had hoped were rumors flying furiously over social media and text messages.  Once confirmed, I cried.

The days following have been filled with seemingly endless albeit appropriate memorials and messages of support; memories and questions whose answers don’t matter now. Pulitzer Prize winner, husband, father and friend; A great voice, person and personality are gone.

Like countless others, I had my own fond memories and fun experiences with Angelo and his wife Felecia. Everyone recanted  and shared theirs, making it evident that while Angelo made each of us feel special, we were all part of large community touched by him in a unique way. We were all special to him, as he was to us.

We’ll say our formal goodbyes, and slowly ease back into our lives. But, there isn’t enough room to pay homage to someone who meant so much to so many. He leaves a void that I am not sure can ever be filled, but as a community we should all try.

His legacy will depend on how much we continue to care about others and keep on being engaged to make our community and each other better for everyone. I think that is what hewould want from all of us, and it’s the least that a city with a broken heart can do.