The high profile death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has seemingly set off a hunt to find the guilty party to whom his death can be attributed. Hoffman was open about his heroine addition, even to his alleged drug dealer. A few days after his body was found in his NYC apartment, police have arrested four suspects for possession and in possible connection with supplying the drug to Hoffman.

I’m confused. While drug dealing is illegal, who is responsible when someone uses or misuses anything? I believe there is or should be a separation of that which is illegal, and those who abuse substances—legal or otherwise—to their demise.

Using the rationale of blaming the “supplier” could prove to be endless. Would auto manufactures or dealers be responsible for auto accidents? What about fast food restaurants for obesity? And, let’s not forget alcohol and tobacco companies for the endless outcomes of their consumption. Where would it end?

Interestingly, people demand freedom of choice even when doing so is not in their best interest. Any governmental attempt to regulate such consumption is met with vocal opposition to their rights. But with rights come responsibility. If responsibility is not exercised, then is or should the maker or pusher of the tool, drug or habit be to blame? I think not.

The line of the law has to and should be enforced relative to the illegality of substances, practices and behaviors. But, freedom of choice is not one of them. Yet.