The matter of sexual assaults on college campuses has reached The White House. And, that’s a good thing. For as much as people decry government intervention in their personal lives, the reality is that there is room and reason to call for more responsible action in many areas. And, this is one.

A task force is being created to examine and then make recommendations to reduce the levels of sexual assaults and violence on college campuses. But, the reality is that the words of President Obama and Vice President Biden should resonate far and long.

According to the White House Council on Women and Girls report titled, “Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action,” more than 22 million women have been the victim of rape, with 1 in 5 having been assaulted while attending a university.

Men must be taught or reminded that there is a level of respect that must be shown towards women. Period. It’s no secret that newfound freedom, alcohol and drugs contribute to behaviors on college campuses that sometimes follow the practitioners long after graduation.

While responsibility falls in the laps of both genders, I hope the message—direct and underlying—is heard loud and clear for young men, old men, and all in between. Responsibility and respect should be the basis of everything you do, today and always. That is the manly thing to do.