I have always felt a bit restless in my hometown of Detroit. A city that I love, but sometimes feel stifled by. Always working and in the process of being better, Detroit seems to be in a constant state of emergence…without ever really coming out. For as many years as I have been here, it continues to be the same issues, the same people, and the same outcome. It’s also the place where people who are born here, seem to remain their entire lives. Visiting other cities, you can easily meet people from other places, domestic and international. But here, you seem to only meet other Detroiters. There is so much more “out there.” A better quality of life, an energy that you can enjoy although you may not be able to define; a need and desire to grow, and a place where you can enjoy what this city constantly seems to be working to become. I love Detroit. It’s a place of good people with even better hearts. But, I’ve been here all of my life, and not so sure I want to always say that. I’m hearing the call of other far away places. It won’t ring forever. The time to answer is close.